a cold wanderer stops to tell a story

Born and bred in the US and as kind as they come. 24 years old and certain to age one calendar year in June. A multimedia artist who studies everything and surprises herself. Can sometimes feature obscurantism in speech. Call me Aneisha, pronounced ( uh • nee • shuh ) or alternatively ( ann • nee ), really don't mind how you say it. Lives by a few dogmas that embrace humility, hard work, and altruism.
motivation is finite, but endurance will see you through.
10/5/2012 - Aellyniq

Just in case you were wondering, I'm always working on something. Being such a quiet person "irl", I have a real propensity for sharing my little projects somehow. Come find me and ask me what I'm working on, if you're curious, I'd love to share! Check my old portfolio at the DeviantArt link above.
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